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Founder & CEO Of Highway Clicks

Kojo R. Johnson, also known as Zaid The Admin, is one of the top SEO experts in Ghana and the owner of Highway Clicks, an all-around digital marketing company in Ghana that provides comprehensive services in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and web design. The digital marketing agency has quickly become one of the best SEO companies in Ghana with its head office in South Jersey, United States.

Kojo’s journey in digital marketing began in 2005 when he owned a streaming website, Built4beats.com, which facilitated the sale of instrumentals and allowed members to stream their music. However, he soon realized that the website was not getting any traffic and as a result, members were not generating any sales. In 2010, he started researching ways to increase website traffic, and that’s when he stumbled across SEO. From that day onwards, he dedicated himself to learning everything about SEO and mastering the skill within three years. Today, he helps business owners in the U.S. and Ghana, West Africa rank higher in Google and generate more revenue.

SEO is a field that is constantly evolving, and to stay on top of the game, one has to be always trying and testing new things.

Kojo regularly attends SEO seminars and participates in courses to ensure that he’s always updated on the latest Google algorithm updates and trends. He spends most of his time as an SEO consultant for businesses in South Jersey and in his homeland of Ghana West Africa.

Apart from his business, Kojo is highly family-oriented and strongly believes in “Family First.” When he’s not working at the SEO agency, you can most likely find him reading informational books like one of his favorite reads, “Richest Man in Babylon.”

Learn more about Zaid The Admin by visiting his Blogspot and see how he can help turn your passion into an online business and to also enroll in his digital marketing course.

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