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Kojo Zaid The Admin Johnson
Kojo Zaid The Admin Johnson

Kojo Zaid Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

A Blend of Cultures and Passions: The “Zaid The Admin” Story

In 1983, a boy was born to a Ghanaian mother and an American father in Germany. This mix of cultures shaped him. Growing up, he loved computers, a hobby he picked up from his father, an army engineer. One of his first significant challenges? Taking apart an old computer and fixing it back up.

Music and Machines

During his teen years, he loved hip-hop and Ghanaian music. But computers and tech were his main passions. As he grew older, he began making music with software and also learned about creating websites.


He started, a place for people to share music. The website became popular, and he learned much about SEO, or how to make a website appear in search results. It wasn’t always easy, but he was good at it.

Tech Ventures

Later, he started working on mobile tech projects. He even opened a ‘Cell Phone Repair Clinic’ in South Jersey. These experiences taught him more about the online world and how to help websites get noticed.

New Business in Ghana

When he went back to Ghana, he started a cosmetics business. Even though cosmetics were new to him, he used his SEO skills to help the company gain online attention.

Introducing Highway Clicks

With all he learned, he started Highway Clicks LLC. With over ten years of experience, Zaid helps other businesses with their online presence. He knows how search engines work and how to tell a company’s story online. He uses everything he’s learned to help others succeed online.

Join him on this journey and boost your online presence.




Founder and SEO Expert, Highway Clicks Transitioned from various entrepreneurial roles to fully concentrate on helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape. Leveraged over a decade-long expertise in web development and SEO.
Entrepreneur, Wholesale Harbour, Ghana Successfully launched and operated a cosmetics business named Wholesale Harbour, using SEO to drive growth and customer engagement.
Business Owner, Cell Phone Repair Clinic, South Jersey Founded the Cell Phone Repair Clinic and used SEO techniques to attract a large and loyal customer base.
Technical and Customer Service Roles, AT&T and T-Mobile Held positions that combined technical expertise with customer service, setting the stage for launching my own tech-related business.
SEO and Web Consultant, Freelance Worked as a consultant in web development and SEO, helping businesses improve their digital presence.
Founder, Initiated and managed the music-sharing platform, achieving early successes in SEO before facing scalability issues.
Intern, MTV, and Graduate of the Institute of Audio Research Built a strong industry network and gained a deep understanding of digital media while interning at MTV.
Student, Rancocas Valley Regional High School, United States Attended high school in the U.S., where I started exploring digital music and early web technologies.


Search Engine Optimization95%
Coding Skill100%
WordPress 85%

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